Photography – Why Step into the DSLR World

DSLR camera

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Camera phones are great… so why consider a DSLR?

There are only 4 types of cameras when it comes to making a decision.

DSLR camera
  • Phone cameras
  • Point and Shoot cameras (P&S)
  • Mirrorless cameras
  • DSLR cameras (digital single-lens reflex)

Let’s take a look at what a DSLR can offer you.

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4 Steps to a Better Day

“Success today! Great way to start a Friday!”

This was the announcement made by a parent this morning as she checked her child in at her daycare. Her fingerprint had scanned well, her ticket had printed and torn off easily.

What a simple task to help determine the course of her day!

Don't let situations rule your day
Don’t let situations rule your day

One little incident can oft times start our day off on a positive path or set us on a downward spiral that can easily get out of control. Those moments that fill our days have the power to determine our course. We give them that power. We hand off our control to the actions and incidents in our day that we don’t have control of to begin with.


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Meeting Grampa … Again

Wilbur Franklin Stump

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2019 – I’d Like to Meet

The 52 Ancestors challenge for Week 4 (since i’m trying to play catch up) is “I’d Like to Meet”. As a genealogist who has been researching for many years, this list is long, full, and “colorful”. There are dozens of individuals on my list who are direct ancestors, not to mention all those who are cousins, uncles, aunts, in-laws, and such.

Wilbur Franklin Stump
Wilbur Franklin Stump

This is my first official “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” challenge and the person who came to mind first is actually someone I have met … my grandfather, Wilbur Franklin Stump. So my challenge title is “I’d Like to Meet … Again”.

My grandfather (“Grampa” as my grandmother used to say when she would sign cards and letters) died when I was 13 years old. He passed away on my older brother’s birthday and was buried on my younger brother’s birthday. It was just after Thanksgiving. I remember the night well. My parents received the call after we had gone to bed, but I can clearly remember the emotions as I lay in my bed listening to my mom’s side of the conversation. They didn’t tell us until the next morning, but I already knew what was coming.

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Frozen Soap Bubbles

Attempt 2 Freedom
Attempt 2 Cool Patterns
Cool patterns seen on the bubble.

Today will likely be the coldest high temperature recorded in history for our area. Northern Indiana is expecting a high today of -12 in my area. That beats the old record (set in 1899) by 4 degrees (-8). We are currently at that -12 degrees with a windchill right now of -43. I realize that many areas in our world have easily seen colder temps, but it’s definitely newsworthy and dangerous.

I am also one of the fortunate people to have a day off sue to my employer closing for the day. Woohoo!!!! That rarely happens. But now with a day that i can stay home snuggled on my reclined with my warm slippers and comfy blankets… what do I consider doing?

It’s the PERFECT day to test out the frozen soap bubbles I have seen over the past several years!!!!!!

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge

I did it!

I finally took the plunge! This challenge has been around for a few years. I’m not typically the person who jumps on the band wagon the first time I hear about it. I tend to be a lurker and watch what is being done and how people respond to things before I jump in. The same is true about this one. This year is certainly going to be a year of new things for me to do.

Family Photo
My grandmother’s siblings

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Salvage Your Resolution!

Salvage Your Resolution!

January 17th was National Ditch Your Resolution Day.

Are you as amazed and confused as me that they have actually determined a day when people are expected to throw in the towel for something that 17 days earlier they believed was worth while?

There, for sure, is some humor attached to the concept that we all realize, even at the beginning, that most resolutions are doomed to failure at the moment they are made. But there is also a sadness that we are a society so easily defeated.

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Blogging Debut – the Sequel

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Well… my first attempt at becoming a blogger was educational, successful (to a point), and … short-lived.

I spent a few months learning a LOT!!! I went through an enormous amount of information. My motivational level was on fire! But… things came to a screeching halt when LIFE threw me some curves. It only takes one event to take the wind out of your sails sometimes and I put my blog on a back burner and drifted with the days over the next 6 months. I many times thought about my blog and wanted to get back in the saddle, but kept putting it off.

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