Beginning to Blog

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I started a personal blog about 8 years ago. It’s purpose was to give me a reason to write… something of a novelty dream of mine. I’ve never considered myself good, but always thought it would be cool to write books, fiction most probably.

Not being highly motivated, it became another form of a diary for my thoughts and opinions… a 21st century diary of sorts.

But the blogging bug never really went away. It just sounded “fun”.

Today I entered the blogging world with another purpose… a means to financially achieve some of the dreams I have in a way that I believe is possible.I’ve looked at the financial possibilities and I have a “belief” that this is achievable for me. Through friends and other avenues that I’ve pursued in the past, I know that any DREAM ACHIEVED started with an underlying BELIEF.

This section of my blog will be dedicated to following my journey into this new adventure. I started with an online course that I am currently studying. I’m not going to give away the course details, as it is not only copywrited, but it a courtesy to doing what is right. But at the same time, I believe I can document my journey as a means to motivate anyone who might also have a bug to blog, a need or desire to finance your future in some way, and a belief that this is possible.

Hang out with me as I enter a new dimension in my life. The future is ahead. The dream is real. The possibilities are limitless.