Future Past Memories

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The following is something I wrote several years ago, but has been in my thoughts lately. Take the time not only to Preserve Your Journey but also to create the memories that WRITE Your Journey.


Today I spent the day visiting my past… college days from some 30-ought years ago. Took my daughter (21) for our third venture to my college Homecoming. It was a beautiful day but strong winds and cool/cold temperatures.

We arrived early with the hopes of connecting with some college friends, but timed things poorly. The day’s events were pushed back later in the day then I had expected so we roamed the campus (although a small campus indeed) for several hours visiting a few of the campus buildings and taking a few pictures and remembering a few stories.

Spent our lunch at the local Subway (which did not exist in my college days) and chatted and enjoyed the time together. We watched the Homecoming Parade from the warmth of our booth at Subway and eventually headed back to the Event Center hoping to see some old friends.

Not finding anyone around that I knew, and not feeling very well, we decided to call it an early day and head home… planning to drive to a local mall and pick up a favored meal for the family and head home.

It’s amazing how your days can change from the ones you plan to the ones God has plotted out for you. I was looking forward to a day of rekindling old friendships, reminiscing over past shared memories, wandering through my long gone but not forgotten past. College was an extreme highpoint in my life… a time I thoroughly enjoyed filled with people that I loved and still love… chock full of memories that bring a smile to my face and my heart. Those were times of extreme joy… deep disappointment… masterful successes… shared griefs… side-bursting hilarity… life-long friendships………. times that I looked forward to reliving with individuals that I love and miss.

Instead… I was given an uninterrupted day with my daughter. We wandered through my memories together… shared a part of my life that she would never have been able to experience through simple recollections… visited places that had such a positive impact on my life years before she was even a thought. It wasn’t the day I had planned… not even close to the day I had so looked forward to… but in the long run… it was a day I will cherish forever. One that I could never have envisioned.

Sometimes in our busy lives, we stop looking for the possibilities of what we have in front of us because we are still looking behind us for what we feel we have lost. It’s not a bad thing to reminisce and relive things from our past. The past is what made us what we are and reliving the good parts reminds us of all the good that we have experienced. But we need to remember to open our eyes to all the things that we have now also… so we don’t lose the opportunity to create more memories of our past for our future. 😀

2 thoughts on “Future Past Memories

  1. Carol

    Going down memory lane can be fun and at times we may find out selves trapped there that we miss being present for new wonderful memories in the making. I hope the quality of the time spent with your daughter affirms your past experience of your alma mater!

    1. admin Post author

      It was a wonderful time all the way around. Sharing the past with our present is so important… a way to preserve our journey. 🙂 <3

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