My First Steps to Success in Blogging

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It’s Alive!!!!

My blog has gone live!

As of May, 2018, PreserveYourJourney. com is up and running! If you’ve found this post, then you have met me at the early stages of blogging.

My purpose in these entries is not so much to give you all the step-by-step details about how to get your blog up and running. For that I would send you to the place where I found all my instructions and encouragement: Blogging Blastoff course offered by ItsALovelyLife. com.

Blogging Blastoff online course
Blogging Blastoff online course

My first attempt at a blog was with WordPress. com and was merely a glorified diary with thoughts and soap boxes. It didn’t last long and met the graveyard of blogs after just a few years and nearly as few entries. I had no coach as to what I was doing and no sounding board and cheering section to keep me going. What I have found in the Blogging Blastoff course had all the elements needed not only to launch a successful blog, but to make it profitable.

I didn’t start out jumping into the course right away, though. My introduction was through their FREE 5-Day Crash Course where I learned what they had to offer and began to build my belief that this was something I could do successfully.

FREE 5-Day Email Crash Course
FREE 5-Day Email Crash Course


What a word! Sitting behind that one word is all the hopes and beliefs that we are hesitant to let out to see the light of day. Our fears and insecurities lie far beneath that one word. Having someone to walk the walk with us and encourage and coach gives us the ability to keep going which is what is needed to SUCCEED. Enter the Blogging Blastoff course.

I am in no way at that point of making this profitable and successful yet. That takes time and effort. But I DO have the belief and excitement to continue. Here I intend to track my efforts, frustrations and successes. Follow my journey to a successful blog and a new life reality making a living doing something I enjoy.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog or at some point have started and want to give it a kickstart to making it profitable, I recommend checking out the FREE 5-Day Crash Course and, perhaps, going from there.

My Blogging Journey has just begun. Perhaps yours will, too.

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